Michael Ryan

mrMichael is a writer who is only just discovering the power of the internet to share and participate in a seething ocean of wonderful talent.  His observation based writing style has been influenced by writers like Carver, Attwood, Murakami, Rushdie, Cave and Billy Collins.  Michael is a Stockbroker who is principal and manager of a regional Financial Services firm.  He enjoys writing short stories and poetry that attempt to convey from a distance, the essence of emotional ambiguity.   He is an avid fan of a broad range of contemporary Australian music.  When not writing, Michael is at home in the ocean; swimming, surfing or paddling anything that floats.  He is club captain of the local surf club and enjoys the role of coaching and mentoring teenage athletes, including 4 of his own.  He cites competing with and against these young adults that he has coached and known since under 8s as one of the great pleasures and privileges of life.

About the Author